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Tom Nagel, author of the books Zen & Horseback Riding and Simple Pushes, is
an internationally recognized instructor and clinician. He has conducted trainings and given lectures and presentations throughout the United States and in Europe.

Tom was interviewed by Rick Lamb, of the national radio program, The Horse Show in 2003 about the psoas muscles. He was a guest speaker at the 2005 and 2006 Centered Riding© Symposiums in Brattleboro, Vermont. Tom was also a keynote speaker at the 2006 and 2007 Certified Horsemanship Association International Conferences in Colorado
and Florida.

Tom Nagel

Tom discovered through his own horseback riding experience, how bodies work off the horse is the same as how they work on the horse. He started conducting clinics for horseback riders in 2001. Tom has been teaching riders how to identify, experience and use their psoas muscles through his Rider's Seat clinics.

Tom's experience and expertise is in the basic biomechanics of how human bodies work. He practiced Aikido for seventeen years and is an advanced practitioner of Zen Bodytherapy®, a bodywork discipline that combines deep tissue and alignment work. Tom started his Zen training in 1977 under the guidance of Zen Master Tenshin Tanouye Rotaishi and became a certified Zen teacher in 1986.

Tom and his wife, Jane, live in Northwest Illinois, with Jake, Ginger and Sadie the dogs and their horses, Jove and Tucker.

Tom & EL

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