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Rider’s Seat Clinic

This two or three-day clinic explains how to achieve an independent seat and how to move in harmony
with your horse. This information applies to all riding disciplines.

Morning sessions consist of lecture, demonstrations and unmounted exercises. Information about using the psoas (core) muscles for stability and releasing the hyoid muscles to achieve lift in the saddle is presented. Clinic afternoons consist of small group riding sessions applying the techniques and methods learned in the mornings. Tom does some rider alignment bodywork with the participants during the course of the clinic and each participant receives a complimentary copy of Zen & Horseback Riding.

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May 2011 the Netherlands

September 2011 the Netherlands

For more information and to schedule a
clinic please contact Tom via

Tom also conducts three-day
Rider’s Seat Combination Clinics with Karen Irland, Level IV Centered Riding© Clinician.

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June 2012 the Netherlands


"I recently attended a Rider's Seat clinic and it was the most life-changing clinic I have ever attended. What struck me was how easy it was to find that ever elusive seat I had been searching for all these years. The amazing thing is, when I engaged my psoas and hyoid muscles, so did Wizard, my horse, to mirror me.
It is so simple, yet so profound."

Dr. S. Seelye, DVM

I  look back upon this
clinic with great pleasure. You have a great talent in helping people find their underlying mental/spiritual fabric.

What your hands do for the body, your tales and observations do for the soul.

John Beckers (Netherlands)


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